The festival began as a modest local event, and we welcomed our fifteenth birthday as an international festival of importance to industry not only in BiH but beyond.

The number of wineries interested in presenting at the Sarajevo Festival is growing every year, but as organizers (Fina Vina doo) we strive to make a selection and to offer the best to the audience in Sarajevo. So far, this decision has proven to be correct, as many wines and wineries that premiered at the festival later became popular in the wine market, and the market is ultimately the most relevant and has the final say.

Certainly the goal of the Sarajevo Wine Weekend is to bring together representative producers of wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and Europe in Sarajevo, thus making Sarajevo a Balkan and European wine center.

The interest of exhibitors, media and visitors will also contribute to this goal. Over the past fifteen years, Sarajevo Wine Weekend has brought together over 1200 exhibitors of wine and gastronomic products, over 800 accredited media and over 30,000 visitors, enamored with oenological and gastronomic specialties.

The guest of the festival this year was Caroline Gilby, Master of Wine. Caroline is a wine expert, writer and speaker on wines and wine varieties, and is in the exclusive world of 300 top sommeliers and sommeliers. This membership is limited in number, and only the best can get their name on the list, and Gilby certainly is.

Like in previous years, the festival was followed by wine events in the city, and after the conclusion of the festival schedule on Saturday, both the audience and the winemakers poured into the NLB Sarajevo Wine Weekend after party, which was held this year at the Coloseum Club.

The spring edition of the Sarajevo Wine Weekend is also planned for next year in 2020, of which we will certainly be writing later.


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