Slow food dinner

"Slow food" is a movement that was created in response to the so called fast food. In free translation, it means "slow food". Slow Food's International Foundation was created in Italy in 1986, with the aim of promoting, among other things, the culture of food and wine drinking, as well as promoting a healthy diet, and nurturing traditional food production and processing techniques. The main postulate of this type of diet is the use of foods of organic origin. Unlike many countries in the world, fortunately we can still find bio foods from domestic cultivation.

Slow food dinner is no ordinary dinner. Smaller quantities of food are served and the meal itself lasts three to four hours. Seven sequences may sound too ambitious for one meal, but they are very small amounts, and there is enough time between each sequence for the previous bite to settle properly. As for calories, the food is not very low-calorie, but what is important during such nights is that you do not overeat, do not load your stomach with foods full of additives and preservatives, enjoy every bite relaxed and experience the gastronomic hedonism of different flavors combined with top wines .