Vinarija Benvenuti

Benvenuti Winery Story, is a story of family and tradition. The winery is located in the peaceful Istrian village of Kaldir, overlooking Motovun, and the vineyards are planted with three indigenous varieties - Malvasia Istrian, Teran and Muscat.

On this basis, the Benvenuti family produces their wines in which the variety reflects all the richness of the vineyards, located on a number of specific micro-locations. One of them, San Salvatore, with its terraced configuration and white soil, with special microclimatic conditions, gives the grapes a character that will be reflected in the wine in its emphasized minerality, freshness and full expression of all the characteristics of the varieties. These qualities are present in all Benvenuti wines, from basic and aged malvasia, through fresh and harmonious teran, to intense and pleasant acidity of rich sweet wines.

Thanks to its focus on micro-locations and the cultivation of Istrian autochthonous varieties, Benvenuti wines soon became recognizable in the market, as well as by the profession itself.