Vinarija Edi Simčič

For many top wine critics, surely one of the best winegrowers in Slovenia, with an uncompromising philosophy on the production of biodynamic wines. The winery located in the Goriška hills is run by Eddie and his son Alex, the next long-standing family tradition. Even white wines are fermented and remain oak barrels for a long time and are therefore very similar in style to the French ones.

On a total of 7.5 ha of cultivated predominantly white varieties for which the Goriška hills are well known, such as white and gray pinot, chardonnay, malvasia, and put special hope in the rebula and its potential. The wines are mineral, full bodied and yet fresh, with the potential to mature for up to six years. Of the black varieties, there are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, in various blends, the same with very long aging potential.