Vinarija Movia

From the very beginning of wine production in 1820, Movia has always been "different", especially today when the author's stamp is given to this Slovenian winery by Aleš Kristančič, one of the more deserving people for the great promotion of Goriška Brda as a wine region. In addition to his great respect for his work, knowledge and skills, you will often hear about Aleš Kristančić - Moviya that he is the greatest promoter of Brdo. A world-renowned winemaker, one of the pioneers of biodynamic wine production, once said that he was a "world-class winemaker," and his vision later materialized - his wines today are on the wine list of prestigious restaurants around the world. Aleš Kristančič tried and succeeded in imprinting his personal stamp on the wines.

You will hear Movia produce some of the strangest but most beautiful wines in the world. It is strange only with which skill Ales Kristancic chooses the right raw material for the right wine. Movia first entered the list of great wines by the Great White, a specific blend in which Chardonnay wears structure and body, Gray Pinot gives elegance, Sauvignon aroma, and Rebula is the hallmark of Hill. Among the red wines, besides Blue Pino, Cabernet Sauvignon, stand out is the Big Red, the blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Aromatic fully rounded wine, characterized by elegance, fruitiness, strength, developed aroma and rich aftertaste