Vinarija Ščurek

Today, Ščurek Winery has 20 hectares of vineyards and with the help of five sons (two are graduates enologists), Stojan Šurek produces excellent wines. It is located in Goriška Brda (SLO). Vineyards Šurek are also from Slovenian and more than half from the Italian side. The mild Mediterranean climate, the rich fertile soil beneath the Alps, which bring the freshness required while protecting the vine from the penetration of cold air from the north, are a real haven for excellent wines.

The cockroach winery offers up to 80,000 bottles of premium wine annually on the market. The others are true to the fresh but full bodies of the wine. Such wines take a long time to develop in a glass. With state-of-the-art wine making technology and the secrets of oak barrels, they don't forget the indigenous varieties. If we rely on the saying that the wine reflects the character of the winemaker who created it, then Old Brajda (white and red wine) is a great confirmation of this claim. This wine is made from vineyards that are about forty years old and is made up of five autochthonous varieties: Rebula, Pikolit, Glera, Pika and Tržarka. Extremely powerful and full wine, finely balanced, with an optimal ratio of each of the varieties present, rounded off with a touch of elegance. Lively wine and always ready for socializing - just like Stojan. They are especially proud of Star Brajda, UP and Kontra.