Vinarija Zanut - Kocijančić

What makes Zanut wines reliably quality is that the grapes that are made from the wine are only taken from their own vineyards spread on the sunny hills and hills of the Goriška Brda (SLO) region, near the village of Neblo.

The wine cellar is always the heart of the winery. The cellar of Zanut Winery is located almost underground, thus creating excellent conditions for the process of ripening grapes and wine in a completely natural and optimal way.

In the basement they divide the wines into two groups:

The first is fresh, youthful wine light: Merlot, Pinot noir, White Pinot and Sauvignonasse;

in the second group are more demanding, exceptional wines, which are given special attention. Among them are fresher: Sauvignon, Rebula and Cabernet Sauvignon, and as extremely mature wines: Cave, Cabernet Sauvignon Augustus and Merlot barber, which we offer on the market only as a result of the grapes of the best years.