When it comes to the sensitive files that are shared in M&A transactions, there is no room for error. Data breaches, miscommunications and other deal-breaking mistakes are costly, lengthy and can halt the entire transaction. Fortunately, today's VDR solutions provide exceptional security and functionality at less than the cost of traditional technologies.

The most reliable virtual data room platforms are user-friendly and flexible designed to meet the needs of a particular workflow or transaction. You can personalize the virtual data room to incorporate the features and permissions you need while still allowing authorized users access to powerful due-diligence tools like watermarking, role based security, antivirus scanning and two-factor authentication.

CapLinked's hierarchical tags system, for instance, enables administrators to organize virtual data rooms into sub-categories based on the type of document. This will help speed due diligence. You can track document viewing actions with a variety report that include a “heatmap” by the user group and different charts that show who has viewed what documents and for how much time.

Venture capitalists and private equity companies often review multiple deals at the same time which means they have to collect a huge amount of data that need to be organized. The ability to upload documents in bulk and sort them into easily accessible groups and folders accelerates due diligence. This lets you close more transactions in a shorter period of time.


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