Popular and Much-Favoured American Typical Food

Food is influenced by many things, one of which is the influence of the inclusion of special foods from other countries such as America. In Indonesia, American specialties have become part of the relatively popular dining options.

According to the book World Food Dictionary, Seo Bo Hyeon (2019: 36), the United States has food that is influenced by the culture of immigrants from Europe. But American food is less pretentious than European food, because it is easy to make and ready to be enjoyed.

Worldwide American Food

America is one of the countries that will be rich in culture, tradition and culinary. It's no wonder that American food has quickly taken over culinary delights in other parts of the country.
Food can be a characteristic and symbol of a country so that it becomes world famous and becomes a tourist attraction. Culinary lovers, of course, know and often taste American specialties, right?
What are the typical American foods?

1. Apple Pie

Apple Pie has been around since the 1900s and originates from European soil. When it was brought to the United States, Apple Pie became everyone's favorite food because it tastes good, is easy to make anytime and is affordable.

What's most interesting about this pie is that it tastes sweet but is actually still classified as a healthy snack, because it has nutrition from apples which contain lots of vitamins A and C.
As a processed dessert, Apple Pie is usually served using whipped cream, ice cream and melted mozzarella cheese as a topping.

2. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of the most popular American foods. Mac and Cheese is a pasta menu that can now be found easily even in Asia.
Mac and Cheese snacks consist of macaroni which contains carbohydrates. Meanwhile, cheese adds to the protein content in this food.

Some people may prefer Mac and Cheese with a thick cheese flavor, others may choose to focus on a moist texture and cover each macaroni evenly.

3. Hotdogs

Hotdog is a food made from frankfurter sausage placed between slices of bun bread. Although Frankfurter sausages originate from Germany, hotdogs are produced and popularized in the United States.

4. French Fries

Who doesn't know french fries? Commonly known as French Fries, this food is often a snack at parties with friends. The term French Fries, which refers to sliced potatoes, appeared in the culinary world probably around the 1700s.

5. Buffalo Chicken Wings

This food made from chicken wings can be used as a side dish or as a snack. Buffalo Chicken Wings are a popular snack menu for most Americans.


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