Tips for Getting the Cheapest Hotel Room Prices

Getting cheap hotel room prices can help us reduce expenses when we want to travel. Pegi-pegi Travel Report 2021, for example, shares several tips for getting cheap hotel prices that we can put into practice. Apart from hunting for promotional moments such as National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas), there are several other strategies that we can try. “Saving money for holidays doesn't always have to wait for promos to come. Just knowing the right strategy like when is the best time to order.”

Tips for getting cheap hotel room prices

Come on, take a look at the guide and tips for getting cheap hotel room prices, as quoted from the Pegipegi Travel Report 2021 below:

Ideal Day

to book a hotel Mondays and Sundays are days with more affordable hotel prices compared to other days. On these two days, we can save around 3-12 percent. Meanwhile, the highest room prices are generally on Fridays and Saturdays.


What's more economical Booking a hotel outside the holiday season is the right time to save. The savings can range from 5-20 percent. Meanwhile, during the year-end holiday season, the price increase for one hotel room can be 20 percent higher, including when compared to other holiday seasons.

Join the Loyalty Loyalty Program

The program will usually provide its own benefits for members. For example, an OTA (online travel agent) will offer special discounts for certain hotels or cashback promos for plane tickets for loyal customers.

Downgrade the hotel

Through this Travel Report, Pegipegi provides information about the savings we can get by downgrading to a hotel with a lower star rating: Downgrading a five-star hotel to a four-star hotel can save around 40-45 percent. Downgrading a four-star hotel to a three-star hotel can save around 40 percent. Downgrading a three-star hotel to a two-star hotel can save around 30 percent. Downgrading a two-star hotel to a one-star hotel can save around 10 percent.

Cheapest hotel room rates in Bali

Pegipegi Travel Report 2021 also adds information about cities or regions with the cheapest to most expensive hotel room rates. Bali is one of the areas with the cheapest budget hotel room prices, followed by Solo, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Semarang. These five areas are suitable choices for budget travelers, because they have an Average Daily Rate (ADR) or average daily price for one-star to three-star hotels ranging from IDR 170,197 to IDR 218,627 per night. Meanwhile, the highest hotel prices are in the Puncak Bogor area at around IDR 336 thousand per night


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