5 Most Expensive Antiques of All Time that are Super Valuable

Most expensive antiques: Antiques do have their own charm. Especially for people who really like antiques.

Not infrequently these antiques are sold at extraordinary fantastic prices. Apart from the material, the selling price of expensive antiques is also due to their history and scarcity.

Antiques are often judged not only by the material they are made of. But also the historical value it has, to its rare existence according to lake forest antique sale

5 White, Blue and Pink Moonflasks – IDR 230 Billion

Well, the fifth most expensive antique is a beautiful porcelain made around 1736 – 1795. At least, this porcelain has been around for 224 – 283 years to date.

If this porcelain had a soul, as many people believed, it would have seen many important events that occurred in the world.

Apart from its longevity, this porcelain also has the charm of its design.

4 Olyphant Battle Horns – IDR 231 Billion

The next antique is a horn that was once used as a war trumpet.

At a closed auction, the price of this trumpet reached a bid price of around US $ 16.1 million or equivalent to Rp. 231 billion.

This war trumpet is made using elephant ivory.

On the body of this trumpet or ivory there are various carvings in the form of animal pictures. The carvings on the elephant ivory horns are not made haphazardly, they are truly beautiful.

3 Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci – IDR 442 Billion

The name Leonardo Da Vinci is a legend in itself in the world of art.

Codex Leicester is a book by Leonardo Da Vinci. Uniquely, the entire contents of this book are written using handwriting. No wonder the price is very expensive.

The price value of this book is also getting higher because of the popularity that Leonardo Da Vinci has.

2 Badminton Cabinets – IDR 517 Billion

What's so special about a badminton cabinet priced at IDR 517 billion? Eits, wait a minute, this one badminton cabinet is completely different from your imagination and has absolutely nothing to do with the sport of badminton.

During his lifetime, Henry Scudamore ordered a cabinet that was luxurious and made into a beautiful work of art.

This cabinet with a height of about 3.6 meters was valued at around US $ 16.6 million in 1990. Then in 2004, this cabinet was sold for around US $ 36 million or equivalent to Rp. 517 billion.

1 Jar of Qing Dynasty – IDR 1.01 Trillion

This one antique comes from China and is the most expensive antique ever sold. The main attraction of this jar is the carved motif on the jar. This jar has carvings in the form of fish and flowers which are very rare to find.

In addition, in this Jar there is also the seal of the Chinese emperor from the Qing Dynasty. Allegedly, this antique jar comes from the reign of Emperor Qianlong who held power in 1644 – 1912.

If true, then at least this Urn has existed for 100 years or more. Naturally, this jar is valued at up to IDR 1.01 trillion at an auction.


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