5 Most Popular Culinary Specialties from Various Countries in the World

Every country in the world certainly has its own characteristics and pride. Starting from culture, to tourist destinations. Thanks to technological sophistication which is always developing all the time, the characteristics of each country are starting to spread throughout the world. One of them is food or culinary. Of course, there are so many culinary specialties from countries in the world whose existence is also felt by people from other parts of the world according to

1. Tortilla (Mexico)

Tortillas have become the most popular specialty of various Hispanic countries. Tortilla actually comes from the word “torta” which means a round cake. In Mexico, Central America, the United States, and Canada a tortilla is an unleavened flatbread made from ground corn or wheat. This tortilla, made from ground corn, is a North American style tortilla which is considered by many people to be the “authentic” tortilla.

From before the arrival of the Spanish in Latin America, tortillas have been a staple food of indigenous Mesoamerican people. This type of tortilla predates the arrival of Europeans on the American continent, and earned the name ‘tortilla’ from the Spaniards due to its similarity to traditional Spanish cakes and omelettes.

2. Penang Assam Laksa (Malaysia)

This typical Malaysian culinary dish is made from boiled mackerel, tamarind, chili, mint, lemongrass, onions and pineapple. This Penang assam laksa contains fish broth with a spicy and sour taste that can make you addicted when you eat it. Apart from fish and spices, this Penang assam laksa is also served with noodles and ginger which can refresh the body.

3. Sushi (Japan)

This typical Japanese culinary dish seems to be familiar to Indonesian people. Sushi itself has become a favorite food for many people from all over the world. Generally, sushi is made from Japanese rice which is cooked into rice mixed with a little special vinegar. The steamed rice is then served with various kinds of fish and other raw seafood.

Even though it looks and seems simple, Japanese people consider making sushi like an art. A sushi chef takes decades to perfect the process. A sushi chef must be able to choose quality fish and cut the fish with precision. Because not only does it have to taste good, sushi also has to look visually beautiful. It is not surprising that sushi is one of the world's most popular culinary specialties.

4. Pizza (Italy)

Just like sushi, pizza is also one of the most popular culinary specialties in the world, including Indonesia. This food is popular with people of all ages, we can get it very easily in various fast food restaurants. The pizza we know today began around 1600, and at that time pizza did not have tomato sauce on top. Then in the 1800s, pizza with tomato sauce was brought by an Italian immigrant from Naples to New York, United States.

Therefore, the pizza we find in the United States is very different from the one we find in Italy. The Italian immigrant diaspora in the United States has made many of their own versions of pizza, such as thick Chicago-style deep dish pizza, or very large New York-style pizza. In Italy itself, different regions will have different pizza toppings.

5. Kimchi (Korea)

Apart from being famous for its drama series and music, Korea is also famous for its delicious culinary delights, one of which is Kimchi. Kimchi is pickled vegetables (usually from Napa cabbage) fermented with spicy seasoning. This typical Korean culinary dish is usually placed on the dining table as an accompaniment to dishes such as pickles and the like. However, it is not uncommon for kimchi to be mixed directly into dishes such as fried rice or soup.


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