5 Popular Chinese Food Recommendations in Indonesian Society

Who doesn't know China? The country is often discussed in the midst of Indonesian society. Naturally, in Indonesia there are also many ethnic Chinese who are scattered in various regions so that we are very familiar with the life of Chinese people. When you hear about China for the first time, of course the thing that comes to mind is its various products, ranging from cellphones, shoes, etc. However, do you know that China also has a variety of delicious foods and we must try them.

Typical Chinese food is famous for its appetizing taste. Naturally, in Indonesia there are already a lot of typical Chinese food scattered in various regions. Regarding food, China does not need to be doubted. Various kinds of recipes that come directly from China are developed in such a way in Indonesia so as to produce dishes that are ready to eat.

1. Kwetiau

Quoting danguisichuancuisine, the taste of this one food is familiar to our ears. There are already many restaurants that offer kwetiau as one of their menus. Kwetiau is a noodle food that is synonymous with Chinese, ethnic Hokkien and Tio Chiu. This typical Chinese food is famous for its various topping variants, such as sliced sausages, meatballs, etc.

Kwetiau has a chewy and thick texture so it is very delicious when it enters the mouth. The price is relatively cheap, which is around IDR 15,000/portion.

2. Peking duck

Apart from chicken, duck is the favorite food of Indonesians. How could I not, the slightly tough and tasty meat makes the tongue very delicious when mashed duck meat. Well, the famous Chinese food with duck meat is Peking duck. Regarding taste, there is no doubt about the Peking duck. Its delicacy has succeeded in spoiling the tongue of the Indonesian people with a dish of sweet and sour sauce and a brownish color.

3. Beggar's Chicken

Apart from duck, the famous Chinese food is chicken which is usually called beggar's chicken. Different from chicken in general, the beggar's chicken is wrapped in lotus leaves. If you eat in China, this beggar's chicken will taste delicious because it has the earthy aroma of chicken grilled on lotus leaves. This culinary is in great demand by travelers.

4. Gong Bao Ji Ding

Still using chicken meat, this food is not widely known. Gong bao di jing is kungpao chicken. Kungpao chicken consists of diced chicken, peanuts, chili peppers, mixed with a sweet and sour sauce and cooked until the chicken is lightly browned.

5. Hainan Jifan

Hainan jifan is very popular with the people of Indonesia. This food is served with rice which is cooked with spices and chicken broth and then cooked and served with chicken, gravy and soy sauce.


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