7 Benefits of Taking Your Little One to an Arts and Culture Festival

Mums, have you taken your little one on holiday anywhere? During this school holiday season, there are lots of arts and cultural festivals that you can attend with your little one. Actually, what are the benefits of taking children to arts and culture festivals? While your little one is still on holiday, let's take a look at the complete explanation according to

1. Introduce a variety of foods and drinks

Usually, at festivals like this we can not only see performing arts, you know. A variety of delicious culinary delights are ready to satisfy your stomach. This can be an opportunity to introduce your little one to a variety of foods and drinks from various regions and abroad. Your little one's cute expressions when enthusiastically tasting food and drinks will definitely create laughter!

2. Develop a love of culture from an early age

Introducing arts and culture to children can be done from an early age. Your little one can be invited to see attractions and listen to musical instruments at arts festivals. This is an opportunity to foster your little one's interest in art and culture, rather than just informing himself through reading books and the news. When your little one sees Mums and Dads enthusiastic about works of art, he will gradually adopt this love.

3. Improves vision

Uniquely, a study from Optometry and Vision Science shows that the more often your little one is active at outdoor events such as art festivals, the lower the risk for him to experience nearsightedness. Pediatric ophthalmologists have also discovered the fact that 45 minutes of outdoor activity can improve your little one's eyes’ ability to adapt to the hot sun. So, children who spend time outdoors have better eyesight than children who always play indoors.

4. Your little one focuses more on his curiosity

At the arts festival, your little one's eyes will be spoiled by many things. Starting from art attribute costumes that are rich in patterns and colors, cute handicraft knick-knacks, to various forms of musical instruments. All of this will increase curiosity in your little one. He also focused on this new insight. This is good, because the more curiosity increases, the more creative power is triggered. By frequently involving your little one in various activities at festivals, he will grow into a child who is reluctant to sit back and is motivated to create new innovations.

5. Improve social skills

At festivals, your little one will meet lots of people. Like it or not, he has to adapt smartly. Mums and Dads can also remind him to be alert and take care of himself. For example, when queuing to buy snacks or when he wants to try a new game. This is the initial key to honing his socialization skills, so that your little one grows up to be an open-minded person who likes to make friends.

6. An effective way to relieve stress

Who says children can't be stressed? Just like adults, they can experience it too, Mums. Taking your little one to an arts and culture festival is just one of the many ways to refresh your mind.

7. Avoid vitamin D deficiency

Sun exposure will increase the natural production of vitamin D in the body. This is the reason why when your little one interacts outdoors, his bone and muscle health also develops. Unfortunately, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, many children lack the motivation to enjoy positive activities with their parents outdoors.


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