Benefits of Football in Society

The benefits of football for health are probably well known, what about the benefits socially? The game of football is a very popular sport. We can see various football leagues that are broadcast on television. We can also see the football fans who are passionate about defending their favorite team. We can see how big the salaries of famous soccer players like Christiano Ronaldo are. So football is not a normal sport. Because of its popularity, football is a sport that can affect various areas of people's lives. Some of the benefits of football in society include montclair high school soccer:

Become a source of employment

In a soccer match, especially a big competition, many people are involved in it, and that can be a source of employment. A soccer team also consists of a group of people, not only players but also coaches, managers, assistants and others. Besides that, when the soccer match starts, there are traders who also get jobs. They sell various knick-knacks related to football, whether it's shirts, hats, stickers, and so on. Not only football accessories traders, food and beverage traders will also get additional work while there are soccer matches with many spectators.

Folk entertainment

Football is one form of entertainment for the community. Football matches can be watched live in stadiums or via television broadcasts. People get entertainment from soccer matches, especially in countries where soccer is very popular, such as in Indonesia. Besides being able to watch for free on television or online services, the price of a ticket or tickets to see a football match is not expensive. So people can watch football as entertainment, regardless of whether they are fans of a team or just want to watch it.

Business fields

Football, meanwhile, is not purely a sport, but has become a business field. The popularity of soccer causes many people to want to invest in it. Famous football clubs are overpriced and owned by wealthy people. On the soccer player's shirts, we often see various sponsors, including those around the field. There are many parties who want to sponsor football matches. For television, football broadcasts can also generate viewer traffic so that they will benefit from advertisements that also want to be displayed on the sidelines of football matches.

Growing nationalism stimulant

Football can be a trigger for the emergence of nationalism in society. For example, when there are matches with other countries, people will automatically defend or support the national team from their own country. Even though sometimes the audience often criticizes the course of the match, there is still a sense of defending the national team from their own country. When the national team wins, the people from that country will be happy and celebrate. Viewers who may have different political parties, religions, and ethnic groups can get involved in football matches with the nationalistic stimulants they have.


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