Definition of Hotel and Its Characteristics

The hospitality industry thrived in the 19th century. Modern hotels began to be established in many big cities, such as London, Paris, New York, Boston, San Francisco, and others. The managers of these hotels not only offer temporary accommodation service packages, but also start providing meeting and conference venues along with the latest technological devices, such as telephones and televisions. In fact, at the end of the 19th century, hotels with special labels appeared, for example hotels for business travelers, for example the Ellsworth Milton Statler Hotel in New York which was founded in 1880. This hotel was also a hotel chain, aka the first hotel chain in the world. Luxury hotels began to appear, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (founded in 1896) in New York and The Brown Palace in Denver, Colorado. Both included hotels with the highest level of visits in America at that time.

In the 20th century, especially after the end of World War I, the number of hotels increased along with the development of means of mass transportation and the development of the travel business. Many of these new hotels were built around business centers. Another thing that has influenced the development of the hotel industry is the development of the world of tourism which has given birth to resort hotels that offer both lodging and accommodation packages. At this time, since the 1920s, hotel schools began to appear in many places. During the 2nd World War, and in the years afterward, the hotel business grew rapidly. However, in those days almost no new hotels were built.

Definition of Hotel and Its Characteristics

Hotel is a building, or company that will provide a service. Generally, the services offered by hotels are in the form of lodging. However, there are many more services that can be offered by a hotel.

Such as providing a variety of food and drinks, creating a restaurant or cafe, can be used to hold an event, and so on. All the facilities in the hotel will be intended for visitors. A hotel is a place that is often used for someone to stay or rest. As for tourists in a tourist area.

Understanding Hotels According to Several Sources
A hotel is a building with rooms that is rented out as a place to stay and a place to eat for people who are on a trip. Hotel is a form of accommodation that is managed commercially, provided for everyone to obtain services, lodging, eating and drinking.

The definition of hotel in the Oxford dictionary is a building where people live. These people generally only stay a short time. Besides, the hotel is where people will pay for the room. Paid room will be used, sometimes will be used for meals.

Managers prefer to develop existing hotels, both in terms of facilities, service quality, and management, including the transfer of hotel ownership from private to a corporation. In subsequent developments, the large hotel industry in America began to spread its wings overseas by using a franchise system. Thus was born a large hotel chain under a large corporation, such as Hilton, Hyatt, JW Marriots, and so on.

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