Glossary of Terms in Swimming, Complete with Explanations

  Swimming is one of the movements carried out in water. For some people, swimming is a fun and healthy activity. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) Online, swimming is a sports event in the form of a fast race or beautiful movement in water over a certain distance, indoors or outdoors.

Swimming can be used as a means of recreation and exercise. For recreational purposes, swimming is usually done in swimming pools, rivers, lakes and seas. In this case there are no special rules, but we still prioritize safety. Meanwhile, for sports purposes, swimming is a means of competing and there are rules that must be obeyed. Apart from the rules, in the sport of swimming there are several terms that every participant must know.

Glossary of Terms in Swimming Sports


The announcer is the host or committee member in charge of the swimming competition.

Artistic Impression

Artistic Impression is a category that is assessed in a beautiful style swimming competition.

Arm Pull

Arm Pull is a term for the pulling movement of the arm (rowing/pushing).

Back Layout

Back Layout is the position of the body lying on its back extending from the position of the face, chest, thighs, legs, etc. floating or visible on the surface of the water, then the position of the head and hips must be in a straight line.

Back Strocke

Back Strocke is the term for backstroke or a term in swimming sports, namely how to swim with the body lying on your back.

Breast Strokes

Breast Stroke is the term for breaststroke, in which the hands are moved in a circle from front to back, then the legs are bent and stomped straight.

Back Pike

Back Pike is a position where the body is angled 45 degrees at the hips, followed by the body and legs straight up.

Backstroke Turn Indicators

Backstroke Turn Indicators is a term for backstroke reversal ropes, the rope functions as an indication to backstroke swimmers that there is only 5 m left at the end of the pool.

Balancing Tanks

Balancing Tank: is a holding tank whose dimensions are smaller than a swimming pool, its function is to balance the volume of water overflowing the swimming pool.

Bilateral Breathing

Bilateral Breathing is a technique of taking breaths alternately to the right and left.

Body Potion

Body Position is the position of the swimmer's body in the water when swimming.

Ballet Legs

Ballet Leg is the movement of one leg raised perpendicularly on the surface of the water, while the entire body is in the water or back layout.


Butterfly is a term for butterfly style.


Boost is a movement made by swimmers when they emerge from the surface of the water with a very fast movement.

Chief Judge

The Chief Judge is the main judge or head of the committee in swimming competitions as well as managing all the judges.

Cadence Action

Cadence Action is a series of identical movements. This movement is performed by all team members individually, and takes turns quickly.


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