History of St. Mary's Health Center Joseph

The original site at Sunnyside Avenue, and The Queensway, was the website of the 1800s Sunnyside Villa and farm, where John George Howard, a Toronto surveyor, lived. The Sacred Heart Orphanage was built in the area, operated by the Sisters of St. Mary's order. Joseph. In 1921, the City of Toronto was considering taking over the orphanage for a public high school. The following order made the decision to convert part of the orphanage into a hospital to prevent takeover, and St. Joseph's founded.

In 1939, the Sisters of St. Joseph moved long-term care hospital Mercy Hospital for the Incurables to a new facility north of St. Joseph's Hospital. Known as Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, the hospital operated independently until 1980, when it was merged with St. Mary's Hospital. Our Lady of Mercy Wing, as it was called, was demolished in 2007. In 2012, the replacement Our Lady of Mercy Wing opened. It is a four-story, 130,000-square-foot (12,000 m 2 ) building that houses the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Unit, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, an expanded Family Birthing Center, and three new inpatient areas housing a total of 92 beds. On August 1, 2017, St. Mary's Health Center Joseph joins St. Joseph's Hospital. Michael and Providence Healthcare to form a new hospital network called Unity Health Toronto.

Absolute dates

1921 – St. Mary's Hospital Joseph was founded in 1921 on the territory of the Sacred Heart Orphanage. Renovations were completed and in 1925 St. Joseph's has become a modern facility with 112 beds.
1925 – Mercy Hospital for the Incurables is accessed on Sackville Street in downtown Toronto.
1931 – The East Wing was built in 1931, increasing bed capacity to 300. The following addition added modern emergency facilities to the hospital and included operating rooms and obstetric facilities.
1935 – Sunnyside Wing West was built to house nursing students.
1939/40 – Mercy Hospital accessed in new facilities as Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, north of St. Mary's. Joseph's on Sunnyside Avenue.
1949 – The Frederick Morrow Wing opens, increasing bed capacity to 600 and providing much needed administrative space.
1960 – The Glendale Wing opens, only slightly increasing bed capacity, but providing much needed administrative areas and facilities as well as several new departments.
1962 – Toronto's First Intensive Care Unit opens.
1980 – St. Mary's Hospital St. Joseph's Hospital and Our Lady of Mercy Hospital merged into one organization in 1980, becoming St. Joseph's Medical Center.
1989 – The Justina M. Barnicke wing was accessed to connect the two facilities.
1995 – The first lung reduction operation was carried out by the Community Health Center team
1999 – The Ontario Ministry of Health approves funding for the St. Mary's Health Center redevelopment and renewal project. Joseph for part of the year.
2005 – The Vera and Ferdinand Melnyk Pavilion at the Main Entrance of the Community Health Center opens
2006 – Glendale House opens
2007 – Our Lady of Mercy building is demolished when a rebuilding project makes way for a new patient care wing
2009 – A new shared underground parking garage with 300 spaces opens
2012 – The new four-story Our Lady of Mercy Patient Care Wing opens.
2017 – Merged to form Unity Health Toronto, a new health network.


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