How to Choose Fresh Beef for New Year's Barbeque, Tips from Chef

Beef is a food ingredient that is often used in barbecue or BBQ. Some of the members of beef that are commonly used for barbecue are hasin, has outside, and brisket. This meat can then be cut as desired. You can make thin slices of beef for barbecue or cut it into squares like the size of satay. However, before going to process beef for barbecue, you should know especially how to choose fresh beef. lexingtonbettysmokehouse

1. Look at the color

“Visually, what we can see is of course red,”
According to Wisnu, the good color of beef for barbecue is fresh red and not pale.
“If the meat is dark red, most of it is fresh or dry aged, but if it's been a long time, the meat will be pale or bluish, which we must avoid,” he said.

2. Hold the meat

The way to choose fresh beef for the next barbecue is to feel the texture. You can hold a bit of beef to see the texture of this red meat. “The texture is chewy, not really hard and soft too, so if we touch it, it doesn't get slimy either,” said Wisnu. Wisnu said most slimy beef was caused by improper storage so it tends to spoil quickly.

3. Look at the composition of the fat

Finally, you can ensure the freshness of the beef for barbecue by looking at its fat composition. “Wagyu has a white line on the middle of the meat, it's a layer of fat that is cooked,” said Wisnu. The more layers of beef fat, the softer the texture of the meat will be when barbecued. “The fat will melt or melt and cause meat with a lot of fat to remain moist and tender,” he said

Here's the Meat For BBQ

1. Barbecue meat, rib eye

This type of rib eye cut has a juicy texture and is really recommended for you to choose when barbecue. This part of the beef that has a high fat content will give you a delicious taste when you enjoy it. To process rib eye pieces, you must grill for 10 to 12 minutes with a thickness of 2.5 centimeters and 12 to 15 minutes for a thickness of 3.8 centimeters.

2. T-bones

As the name implies, the texture of this piece of beef has a T-shaped bone that is still attached to the middle. The T-bone section is taken from the bottom of the has beef to the lower back. Having a soft texture, T-bone is also included in the list of favorite choices when barbecue. If you are on a diet, you can prefer this style of cut.

3. Sirloins

Sirloin or outer hash is also one of the most popular styles of cuts of beef. Not only because the price is affordable, but also has fine fiber meat with a fairly hard texture. Taken from the bottom of the ribs to the outside of the meat has in. If you want the meat to be softer, especially marinate it with dry salt for 1 day or you can also marinate it with pineapple for 1 hour.


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