List of 5 Best Dog Breeds to Keep at Home

Dogs are adorable pets. His behavior is sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes annoying. However, no matter how naughty they are, they are still fun friends for life. They make us laugh, and cheer us up when we are sad.

Dogs like you for who you are. They don't make any demands. This pet has many positive qualities. So, it's no surprise that they are the most popular pets in the world according to

1. Akita

Dog lovers certainly know Hachiko, a dog known for its loyalty, waiting for its deceased owner for 10 years in front of Shibuya Station. His statue is now displayed in front of Shibuya Station and is always an interesting attraction. Hachiko's story might make us all shed tears, especially if we watch the film. Well, Hachiko is a type of Akita dog or Akita Inu which is a dog native to Japan. Even though they are cute, Akita are actually also widely used as hunting companions because of their agility and tracking ability. But, being kept as a pet to accompany you at home is also very sweet, isn't it?

2. Beagles

Puppies, aka puppies, are probably much sought after because of their cuteness. But, of course, a puppy's cuteness won't last long. However, beagle type dogs do have a small body compared to other types of dogs. So, he will look like a puppy all the time, huh. His wide and long ears will definitely bob up and down when he plays with you.

3. Cihuahua

Apart from beagles, there is another type of tiny dog, namely the Cihuahua, which is the smallest dog breed. The difference is, Cihuahuas have a unique face shape and body posture. It's not surprising that Cihuahuas are often the favorites in dog beauty contests. Their fur is short and some are almost bald. But, because it's tiny, you definitely won't be able to resist carrying it. And yes, many Cihuahuas are kept as pets because they are easy to carry anywhere. However, you must pay close attention to your health because Cihuahuas are prone to epilepsy and seizures.

4. Maltese

While Cihuahuas are the smallest dogs and tend to have thin fur, Maltese actually have thick, adorable fur. The Maltese is also a dog with a small body, but long with a round head and wide eyes. Its doll-like shape makes it a choice for a friend at home. However, you also have to be careful when caring for Maltese dogs because they are prone to minor health problems and even allergies.

5. Pomeranian

If there is a Cihuahua rival in a beauty contest, it is the Pomeranian type dog. Tiny like a Cihuahua, the Pomeranian has dense, pom-pom-like fur. It's so cute, it's not uncommon for Pomeranian owners to spend time beautifying their dog by giving it various accessories, and of course taking care of its beautiful, fluffy fur. This Pomeranian type of dog really looks like a doll, so it is very suitable as a safe pet for children to play with.


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