MAGNUS WOD Olympic Barbell

Why should Magnus WOD Olympic Barbell? Because, this is a multipurpose barbell. Versatile, because it is a barbell that can be used for powerlifting, weightlifting (Olympic lifting), Crossfit and other general training.

So, once you buy the Magnus WOD Olympic Barbell, you no longer need to buy another barbell for a different purpose home gym can buy at

A number of good features are embedded in this best home gym equipment, namely: Bronze Bushing (no bearings), and standard Knurling (comfortable on the hand).

I'M A WOMAN, is the barbell suitable for me?

Calm! We have special barbells for women:

Magnus Wanda Barbell

home gym equipment_barbell specifically for women_magnus wanda barbell
This special barbell for women pays attention to every detail, starting from the dimensions, thickness of the iron, to the choice of finishing colors (black and pink), which will encourage you to practice regularly.

See the review here:

Already have barbells, of course you need the best weight plates as a complement. Which weight plate is good?

GymFitnessIndo, which produces the best fitness equipment brand: Magnus, provides 5 choices: bumper plates, steel plates, rubber coated plates, colored bumpers, and change plates – all of which have their own advantages.

We recommend this type of bumper plates. Why bumper plates?

The reason is, bumper plates are versatile. Once you buy this type, you can use it for various lifting exercises; Can be used for powerlifting (squat, bench press, and deadlift), WOD Grace in Crossfit, bodybuilding, and weightlifting (weight lifting).

Bumper plates are made from a mixture of rubber and a little iron; it's safe to drop it on the floor, when one day, you'll be able to mel

Best Free Weights Equipment
If just being fit is not the ultimate goal of exercising, it means you are aiming for a ‘prominent’ proportional body shape, as well as building strength – perhaps, you are planning to do weight training at home – for that purpose, you need the right home gym equipment.

So, before planning to have home fitness equipment based on the best all in one machine gym, free weights equipment, you should first consider it for that purpose.

Just info, free weights equipment is a single piece of gym equipment that can be lifted freely according to the type of exercise; not based on a single gym machine. Some of them don't take up storage space, are compact, and even portable.

Home gym equipment in this category includes: Dumbbells, Barbells, Weight Plates, and Kettlebells. All of these gym equipment can help build muscle mass and fulfill your strength training program.


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