Media technology is changing every industry, but perhaps most importantly, it's changing how businesses communicate with their clients. This is the reason why many companies such as Blockbuster Video and Tower Records have gone out of business while others struggle to remain relevant in the wake of a massive disruption.

Media technologies are any technological invention that facilitates the process of mediated communication, which is the way information is shared between individuals or groups through channels such audio, television, print or video. It's a means to stay up-to-date with the latest news, play video games and watch TV and movies. It also includes the technology behind text conversation platforms and social media like Twitter or Facebook.

The entertainment and media industry has been the most affected by the development of technology. It's essential for brands to be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Media tech companies are any business that combines media and technology to develop unique solutions. They can create anything from digital content to the development of hardware and software for media-related industries.

Our program is based on hands-on learning that allows students to immerse themselves in the ever-changing and exciting world of media technology. If you're interested in TV and film production web design, digital graphics our undergraduate programs provide many courses and materials to help you excel in this emerging career field.


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