Popular International Online Shop Recommendations

Don't just buy using local or national online shops, you should also try to buy using international online shops. Come on, check out the recommendations contranewyork !

Online shops are of course growing rapidly along with the speed of today's digital era. In addition, the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in online shops growing and developing in Indonesia. If you only used to buy through local online shops, it means you haven't explored far and haven't bought globally.

There are many international online shops that can be accessed in Indonesia. However, only a few international online shops are popular. Reporting from our website, every year the online shop always grows by around 5% to 9%. This is a sign that consumer and public confidence in buying online is getting higher.

There are fundamental differences in international and local online shops available in Indonesia. One of them is of course the availability of goods and collections owned. By buying using international online shops, you can definitely get items that are rare or even impossible to find in Indonesia. For those of you who can't wait to be aware of the list of calls for international online shops that are well-known and add many interesting collections and catalogs of goods, here are some of the lists:


Amazon is the king of online shops. Owned by Jeff Bezos, the international online shop dominates the world online shop market. As well as being the number one buying website in the United States, Amazon started with Bezos’ efforts to sell books online in the 1990s.

Until now, Amazon has grown to become the largest online shop and provides a variety of products. Amazon's reputation is also very reliable. There are various kinds of products, including electronic products, household appliances to various kinds of food. This online buying site has connected services in various countries, including in Indonesia. The goal is to be able to provide services for every citizen of the world and enjoy the convenience provided by Amazon in terms of shopping.

2. eBay

eBay was founded in 1995, and is one of the largest marketplaces in the world today. As the largest marketplace in the world, surely you don't have to ask how popular it is. eBay adds convenience in paying and the availability of quality goods. Apart from being an online shop, it is also known as an auction website. Many use it to auction antique and rare items at unbelievable prices.

Many Indonesian people are interested in buying using eBay. Apart from the many promos that are given, there are also easy payment steps. eBay provides a payment system using local banks such as Mandiri and BCA. That way, those of you who want to buy using eBay don't have to be busy setting up a PayPal account or applying for a credit card. Simply by using your own bank account, you can make transactions on eBay.


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