Secure Online Data Rooms Solutions

A virtual dataroom (also known as electronic data room, deal room or VDR) is an online platform designed to store and distribute private business information securely during M&As, capital raisings, IPOs due diligence, audits of companies, litigations, etc. The software is highly specialized and comes with numerous features to guard against unauthorized access. This includes the ability to customize advanced authorizations, password protection individual security for the user, dynamic watermarking, fence view, and multi-factor authentication.

Unlike less sophisticated platforms like email, Google Drive and Dropbox, VDRs have the ability to track and record every document activity within their platform. You can track at every moment crucial data security in businesses when, who and what IP address was used to access the document. You can also keep track of the time spent by a user looking at documents.

As such, it is an important aspect to consider when selecting the best virtual data room service. A reputable online data room can provide a high degree of privacy for sensitive documents. This is particularly important for manufacturing transactions, as the sensitive nature of these documents might not be readily apparent to all parties.

Ansarada Deals, a powerful online dataroom, blends an interface that is intuitive and high levels of security to enable serious sharing. It makes it easier to collaborate and share documents during M&A due diligence corporate restructuring, capital raising and other high-risk results. To learn more about the features that this software solution has to offer, book your free trial today.


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