The Atmosphere of the Room in New Hotel

And in the image below is the appearance of our search results about 1 month before May 10 2018, which is compared to hotel prices that we saw on the same online travel application from real tapalpa but on D-1 before May 10 2018. A very significant difference ! This is what makes me feel even more fortunate to be able to take a vacation on the long weekend that time. How could that be? That's when I thought before the holiday departure day yesterday. At that time we thought, maybe the hotel took advantage of the long weekend holiday moment for travelers who were looking for a hotel suddenly, so hotel prices became very high compared to usual days. Yes, maybe In my opinion, in terms of the rooms and the facilities provided, they were very, very sufficient to meet our vacation needs for those days, such as heaters, wardrobes, chairs, tables, etc. Just…..yeah,just… There is only one thing unfortunately, namely, the toilet. The toilet doesn't have a small spray, both separately using a hose and one that joins in the toilet. Really the type that is “very white” deh. Meanwhile, as an Indonesian, you must be a bit like that if you use a dry toilet. Hu Hu. But luckily it's in a hotel bathroom, so you can still use the shower. Yes, that's just one thing…..which is a bit uncomfortable. Overall, for the atmosphere of the room, I think it's very pleasant.

Complete heavy food menu, there is rice and side dishes. Other types of heavy food such as porridge, soup, and cereals are also available. Not forgetting that there are also various desserts, there are puddings, fruit, even traditional Indonesian stews such as boiled sweet potatoes, which are also available. Even the bread menu can be said to be complete, served with jam (jam) of various flavors, even though minus the butter. In addition, there are also toaster machines and ovens that can be used by visitors. The drinks are also quite complete, from hot tea, hot coffee, various kinds of juices, and milk. Hotel Maven Fatmawati is an old school 3 (three) star hotel which is located very close to the ITC Fatmawati area. So when I was staying here, it was also seen that there were several people who seemed to be sellers from the area, which I might be doing in Jakarta.

I chose this hotel with the consideration that its location is not far from a culinary center and a shopping center (while staying at the hotel, that's the story, right…), and the route my husband goes to and from work every day. But unfortunately when staying at this hotel, the area around, especially the front of the hotel, there is still a Jakarta MRT Line construction project, so it's quite dusty if you walk during the day. However, in my opinion staying at this hotel does not disappoint and I tend to feel comfortable during the stay. I stayed from Monday to Thursday afternoon, alias stayed for 4 days and 3 nights.


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