A virtual data room is a secure way to share sensitive documents with multiple parties online. You can control who is able to access what information in a secure environment, and they also have auditing tools that make it simple to monitor who has access to files. They also offer advanced security measures, such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and watermarks to prevent illegal file sharing and data leaks.

A lot of businesses turn to free cloud storage tools and web-based file sharing for their data sharing requirements, but they lack the fine-grained permission settings as well as auditing capabilities and watermarking features that data rooms have. When you're trying sell your company or raise capital, or to close a deal, ideal scenario is for confidential information to fall into wrong hands.

If you require a preparation data room, portal or main due diligence data room, the top VDR providers provide a range of reports that let administrators easily monitor user activity from who has visited what to when. This is essential when working with a third party to ensure security of confidentiality even after the room has been closed.

Furthermore there are top VDR providers allow you to specify whether the document is printable, viewable or downloadable from the site, which is helpful when working with a buyer that has strict requirements for data. They can also add dynamic watermarks to the pages of viewed or printed documents to guard against leaks of data.


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