The Best Alternative Rock Band of All Time

Alternative rock bands have sprung up since the 80s. Basically alternative rock is a subgenre of rock music. This genre of music grew in popularity in the 90s. So it's not surprising that many alternative rock bands emerged in that era. There are also many alternative rock songs that are hits and become the best so that they are popular to this day.

Alternative rock or in English; Alternative rock. The name “alternative” was coined in the 80s to describe punk rock bands that did not conform to the currents of rock bands at the time. For a specific type of music, alternative rock has more varied musical derivatives, such as indie rock, grunge, gothic rock and college rock. These streams are combined with their own distinctive character.


We return to England for a moment. It seems incomplete to discuss rock bands without involving Queen who was born in London in 1970. Their musical style is heavily influenced by hard rock, progressive rock, and even heavy metal. As time went on, the color of their music began to become more mature and diverse.

Freddie Mercury, the vocalist is gone. He died in 1991 and that's why Queen had a vacuum. However, even though the vocalist is gone, his work will still continue to entertain the souls of his fans. We Will Rock You will always transmit his passionate energy.

The Who

The Who is a legendary British rock band formed in 1964. Their name skyrocketed through their hit songs My Generation and Substitute. My Generation is their first album, the door that later made them one of the legendary rock bands.

Their formation is not as complete as it used to be. Only Roger Daltrey and Pete Thowsend continued to work with their deceased friends. Interestingly, The Who is still actively holding concerts until now. You can check the console schedule on their personal website, As an introduction, try listening to My Generation first.

The Rolling Stones

Who doesn't know The Rolling Stones? This British rock band born in the 60s is easily accepted by most people. They also have an iconic logo in the form of an illustration of the sticking out tongue. The greatness of this band is not only in the songs that are easy to like, but also in their prowess in maintaining existence even today.

For people who don't really like The Rolling Stones, at least they know some of The Rolling Stones’ famous songs. For example, Angie's song, Honky Tonk Women, or She's a Rainbow. If you haven't heard of them, they could be the introductions to another The Rolling Stones song.


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