The difference between a resort and an ordinary hotel

The difference between a resort and an ordinary hotel lies in the concept, market segment and the facilities provided. Here is a more detailed explanation of the difference between a resort and a regular hotel:

1. Concept

Reporting from elnidogardenph, resorts pay more attention to aspects of recreation and vacation, while ordinary hotels focus more on comfortable accommodation. Resort is a place that is specifically designed to provide various types of entertainment and recreational activities for guests, such as beaches, swimming pools, golf, spas, and others. In one place, guests can enjoy a complete and well-organized holiday.

Whereas ordinary hotels pay more attention to guest comfort in terms of the facilities and services provided. Typical hotels tend to focus on room service, restaurants, and business meeting and convention facilities.

2. Market Segment

Resorts and regular hotels also differ in terms of the market segments they target. Resorts are more suitable for family vacations, gathering with friends, or couples who want to enjoy time together. Meanwhile, regular hotels are more suitable for business or guests traveling alone or for certain events.

As you can see in the image, differences in market segments can generally include tenant tastes

3. Facilities

Resorts have more complete and varied facilities compared to regular hotels. The facilities in question are meeting rooms, restaurants, cafes, spas, golf courses, swimming pools, and even a children's playground. Resort rooms are also more spacious and equipped with recreational support facilities such as a balcony or terrace overlooking the beach or garden. In some cases, resorts even offer all-inclusive packages that include certain meals, drinks, and recreational activities.

While ordinary hotels usually have basic facilities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants and meeting rooms. Some regular hotels also provide sports facilities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, or tennis courts. However, these facilities are not as many and as complete as those available at the resort.

In conclusion, resorts and hotels are different in concept, market segment, and the facilities provided. The choice depends on the guest's needs and preferences. If you want a complete and organized vacation with complete recreational facilities, resort is the choice. However, if you only need comfortable accommodation and basic amenities, a regular hotel is more suitable.


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