In addition to running lines of code, you can also include text-only cells that use Markdown to format and organize your notebooks. To create a new notebook, go to New and select Notebook – Python 2. If you have other Jupyter Notebooks on your system that you want to use, you can click Upload and navigate to that particular file. Track prospects, clients, and deals on a List, Board, or Table view that make it easy to visualize your accounts at a glance. Someya Lemma List An edited version of the Someya English lemma list with no hypenated words .

This feature makes coding much easier as it highlights different parts of your code with different colors based on their function. For instance, keywords are highlighted in blue, strings in red, and comments in green. This makes it easier to read and understand your code, especially when dealing with long and complex code files. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps like Notepad++ for Mac users.

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Notepad++ opens for a moment with the selected file loaded, but then crashes . If Notepad++ is already opened when the invoking from the context menu occurs, the crash does not happen. Additionally, this file has not been moved and we were previously able to edit it in-place. However, I can rename the file from any of these systems without error, and I'm seeing no Open Handles on the file in Computer Management on the file server. I've also tried running Unlocker against the file to see if it could find any handles which Computer Management could not, but it comes up with nothing as well.

  • Jot down all those things you need to get done and keep them all in one handy place.
  • Unfortunately, Notepad++ does not work on Macs or at least there is no Mac download for it.
  • Another piece of information you must know is that you can move notes in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook to iCloud, but you can’t move iCloud notes to Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

If you’re interested, I recommend doing some research to find the right generator for your needs. Now that every page on our Styles Conference website includes a blue background, let’s clean up a few areas that will keep that blue background. Specifically, our and elements will remain blue, as will the hero section on the home page. The background-color, background-image, background-position, and background-repeat properties may be rolled up into a shorthand value for the background property alone. The repeat-x value will repeat the background image horizontally, while the repeat-y value will repeat the background image vertically. Lastly, the no-repeat value will tell the browser to display the background image once—that is, do not repeat it at all.


Like any editor, Notepad++ by default works as a simple editor, you can configure and install plugins to get features. This turned into my favorite npp dark theme, easy to read and easy with the eyes. A colourful and black and white colour scheme for Notepad++ with clear distinction between elements.

Produced with robust, weatherproof vinyl, rich inks, and beautiful matte and gloss coatings, these stickers can be used for almost anything. This is such a wonderful idea…I just love it and will give it a try. Thank you for the how to..and have a beautiful day. Carefully take off the clips and put a sheet of paper or waxed paper over the top and place something heavy on the top to weigh it down for an hour or two. Use some type of clip to hold both sides of the paper in place while you are applying the glue. I’m going to demonstrate making a notepad with a chart that I made for my daughter .


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