DISCUSSING about the most delicious drinks in all corners of the world, actually it is not enough to sort them only drinks. Each country has a superior taste which is then popular until finally it is liked by many people.

Each country has a different typical drink. For example, most variations of drinks in European countries use wine or beer as ingredients. Meanwhile, the UK has a Gin and Tonic, the US has a Martini, a Mojito from Cuba, a Scotch Whiskey from Scotland and there are many more. In Asian countries, especially tropical countries, they are more synonymous with processed drinks with tropical fruits. Call it a cendol drink from Indonesia which uses coconut milk from coconuts.

1. Coconut Water

Starting from the order to , coconut water is included in the ranks of the most delicious drinks in the world. Besides being easy to find anywhere, coconut water is also possible to mix into other drinks. Some people like bottled coconut water, and there are also those who enjoy the experience of drinking coconut water straight from the fruit. On a hot day like the coast, cold coconut water is so appetizing to drink to quench thirst.

2. Sparkling Water

Reporting from mineral water injected by carbonated soda will make mineral water so classy. A refreshing sensation is certain, but the impression will be different after the soda is added to the mineral water. Of course, there are also many lovers of sparkling water, which is why beverage producers consider this a potential market. Don't be surprised if there are sparkling water beverage products and many people like them. Have you ever tried it?

3. Lemonades

This popular drink in European countries was found in Egypt. Literacy explains that this drink was recorded in Egyptian documents around 1,500 years ago. Lemonade is sure to bring joy to many young children in the summer and is refreshing to adults. Furthermore, this lemonade made from lemons, water and sugar has a good effect on health, helps digestion and relieves heartburn.

4. Watermelon Cucumber Punch

Another great refreshing drink on a hot day. This drink is also popular for many people to make in their homes. Using mango, cucumber, then adding lime juice and syrup. Simply put it in a blender and let it crumble into a juice which is popularly known as watermelon cucumber punch.

5. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

Furthermore, hot drinks that come from countries that have winter. The cold weather obliges many people to stay in their respective homes, with hot chocolate really helping to fill the days. Even better, hot cocoa in a cup topped with some marshmallows. Apart from presenting a distinctive aroma from a mixture of chocolate and marshmallows, the taste character is so delicious to warm the body in quite cold weather.

6. Orange Juice

Almost everyone in the world has ever drank orange juice, therefore this refreshing drink is one of the most delicious drinks. Actually orange juice is found in almost every country, but many agree that orange juice from the United States is the most delicious. It could be that this is due to the different quality of oranges, and the specific way of cultivating oranges to further optimize the growth of the citrus plants.

7. Tea

The next best drink is a cup of tea brewed so special. This tea dish grew with the culture that developed in each country. At the beginning of its development, in China a cup of tea into a medicinal drink that has a calming effect. In Tibet, serving tea is a drink to warm the body, and in Japan, serving tea has developed into an amazing brewing ritual. Are you a tea connoisseur? You have to try the specialty tea collection that you can buy.

8. Beer

It is explained that beer was invented by soldiers during the great war. The soaked and fermented barley plant will initially be used as raw material for loose gunners. However, when soldiers tried this barley-infused drink, beer was invented, and it is still popular today. Every country is also currently innovating the way of brewing and wants to find out which fruit beer is the most delicious.


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