A VPN is a tool used to ensure that you are safe and secure online, but it's essential to think about your desired use situation. Do you utilize cloud services for your business? Or do you play online games or stream video? The most reliable VPNs have robust performance for all of these tasks.

VPNs use encryption so that it is unreadable for anyone who looks at your connection. They also hide your Internet Protocol address, so that websites can't track your location. It's crucial, therefore, to choose a VPN that has encryption standards that have been tried and tested. Our top picks have the 256-bit AES and some even employ the more secure ChaCha20 encryption protocol.

Having multiple devices connected to the same VPN at the same time can help prevent privacy breaches, and it's good to select a VPN service that permits simultaneous connections. You'll need a VPN that lets you connect to the most servers possible. This is especially useful if you travel frequently and need to connect in different locations.

It's a common sales tactic for VPN providers to claim that they have the fastest speeds. Find reviews that discuss the relative performance of their customers rather than direct speed comparisons in Mbps to get an accurate representation of the performance.

Mullvad offers ad and ad tracker blocking capabilities, however they require a more manual approach to be activated on its Android app. It's a small touch that will show the thought that went into the service and platform overall. In addition its transparency stands out in a sea of VPNs that conceal their ownership and team.


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