Salient is a striking theme with a look that will captivate the attention of your visitors. It comes with all the design features you require to build websites that are sure to stop your visitors in their tracks.

The theme comes with many different page layouts that allow you to build any kind of site you can think of, from a simple one-page site to a sophisticated portfolio or e-commerce website. You can even make blogs using Salient, as the theme comes with a variety of blog styles you can choose from, such as auto masonry, material masonry, and masonry enhanced. The theme also includes three different header layouts for single posts that you can use to alter the look of your site.

Another benefit of salient is its built-in love system that allows you to track what projects or posts are the most liked by your visitors to your site. This will help you keep your visitors entertained by showing the most popular content on your site.

Salient is a very user-friendly theme, no matter how you've been using WordPress. The theme is simple and comes with ample support to help you solve any problems.

The theme settings panel includes a full list of. In this section, you are able to set general settings such as selecting a theme color and uploading a favicon setting an option to return to top and much more. Typography is a different setting which lets you enable Google fonts and also select various options for text size and line height. You can also utilize the custom CSS box to make global style modifications without having to modify the core files. This will ensure that your preferences are maintained through themes updates.


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