Danish Food for Culinary Adventurers

Danish food is very interesting and also has a lot in common with the food of its neighbors. That's because this country has a common ancestor with Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Traditional Danish food revolves around meat and fish dishes with potatoes and sauces, for example stegt flæsk med persillesovs and herring. If in Indonesia there are meatballs, there are also foods that are similar to meatballs. Curious? Come on, see the following reviews of typical Danish food!


Risengrod is a classic Danish dish made mainly of rice. In Denmark, risengrod is categorized as a rare and luxurious dish that is usually served at Christmas celebrations.

The way to make risengrod is actually quite easy, namely by cooking short-sized special rice and then mixing it with milk, salt, and vanilla.

This dish is shaped like rice pudding which has a thick and soft texture. To add to the delicacy, also add a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon to give it a more fragrant aroma.


Commonly used as an ingredient in sandwiches, rugbrod is a type of wheat bread that has a black color. Rugbod is served by thinly sliced and then spread with butter and added various kinds of fillings such as fish, cucumber, eggs, shrimp, and mayonnaise.

This type of bread is very popular because it has a low fat content which makes it suitable for consumption for those of you who are on a diet.

Robgrod is usually sold in supermarkets in Denmark with various variations including dark rye bread and coarse rye bread.


Polser is a favorite snack among Danish people. This dish was first invented around 1921 and is the best-selling fast food.

In terms of presentation, polser has an appearance similar to typical American food, namely hot dogs filled with sausage meat, ketchup and mustard. However, traditional polser recipes usually add cucumber, chopped onions, and pickles. Danish people really like to consume polser accompanied by cold beer.


Frikadeller is similar to meatball food which is made from the main ingredient, namely ground beef. Frikadellers are the most popular type of meatballs in Denmark for over 200 years.

The process of making frikadeller is quite easy, namely by mixing various ingredients such as meat, flour, salt, and onions and then forming them into balls. As a side dish, this dish is served with whole wheat bread, mustard and various other vegetables.

Flaesk Steaks

The popularity of the flaesk steak need not be doubted because it was once chosen as the main icon of Danish national cuisine. This steak dish is very easy to find in many restaurants in Denmark.

Flaesk steak is an ancient dish that has been consumed by Danes for centuries. Flaesk steak is usually served with thick parsley sauce and boiled potatoes as a source of carbohydrates that give energy to the body.

So, those are some of the most popular Danish specialties that you must try. Besides having an appetizing taste, this dish is also rich in nutrients and nutrients that are good for health.

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