Delicious Seafood in Pontianak With Various Processed Menus

Seafood is indeed one dish that is still popular today. This culinary uses basic ingredients from aquatic animals which are then processed into delicious and delicious dishes. In the city of Pontianak, there are lots of places that serve delicious seafood with a variety of preparations, such as sweet and sour, padang sauce, sour and spicy and many others. Not only that, the way of presentation is also quite diverse. If you are going to visit Pontianak, the following recommendations for delicious seafood in Pontianak are mandatory for you to try

Podomoro Ale-Ale Cottage

The first delicious seafood in Pontianak is Pondok Ale-Ale Podomoro. This restaurant, which is located on Jalan Putri Candramidi, is famous for serving a variety of delicious seafood menus at quite affordable prices.

This restaurant has one of the mainstay menus in the form of spicy and sour fish. Not only that, this restaurant is famous for its variety of Malay, Chinese and Dayak menus which are very appetizing and friendly to the tongue of all Indonesians. The variety of flavors combined with fresh seafood certainly makes Pondok Ale-Ale the right place to enjoy seafood in the city of Pontianak.

Fisherman's Hut

Pondok Nelayan is also one of the places to eat delicious seafood in Pontianak which is a favorite of many people. This restaurant, which is located on Jalan Gajah Mada No. 46, is one of the most popular family restaurants.

Pondok Nelayan offers a wide variety of seafood menus with a variety of spices that can certainly make anyone drool to taste them immediately, such as oyster sauce prawns to carp in tomato sauce. One of the most recommended menus at this restaurant is the Green Scallops in Padang Sauce. What's more special, before enjoying the meal, each guest will be given a snack in the form of macroni as a snack.

Hooray Krab Shell Field

This delicious seafood in Pontianak is no less a hit than other seafood restaurants in Pontianak. Medan Kerang Hore Krab has two restaurant branches, namely on Jalan Maluku and Jalan Karimata.

The menu offered by this restaurant is also quite diverse, ranging from shrimp, crab, various types of shellfish, squid and various types of fish. These seafood menus are processed into delicious dishes that you yourself can choose according to your taste.

Pondok Kakap Restaurant

Pondok Kakap Restaurant is also an alternative to enjoy delicious seafood in Pontianak. This restaurant is located in the Ismail Marzuki area and is one of the restaurants serving fresh seafood in Pontianak.

The menu offered by Pondok Kakap Restaurant is also quite diverse, ranging from flour fried squid, smoked crabs, green clams with basil to snow fish teams. This restaurant carries Chinese style. It's no wonder that most of the culinary delights served here are delicious Chinese-style seafood. Not only the taste can be competed with other seafood restaurants, but the price can also be competed. However, for the Snow Fish menu, this menu is known as the most expensive menu here because the price reaches IDR 100,000 per ounce. In addition, the crab menu at this restaurant is also very delicious because it is served in aluminum foil which makes it perfectly cooked. You can order all of these foods online via


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