Mouthwatering South African Street Food

South African Street Food is one of the culinary delights that is worth trying while on vacation to the Dark Continent. South Africa turns out to have a lot of delicious snacks that are very easy to find. Not only a snack when gathering with family and relatives, South African street food is also often served as an appetizer menu in restaurants. Well, for those of you who are curious about typical South African snacks which are known to have sweet and savory tastes. If you want to know more you can Visit the marvis diner.

Johnny's Roti

The first South African street food that you must try is Johnny's Roti. Johnny's Roti is very popular as street food in Durban which is liked by almost all circles.

As the name implies, Johnny's Roti is a bread filled with curried goat meat and cheese. This dish does have a tantalizing appearance for local residents. You can easily find Johnny's Roti in many places in South Africa, especially in Durban and Mowbray.


Pampoenkoekies is one of the most popular South African street foods. This snack, which is often served as a dessert, is made from fried pumpkin as the main ingredient.

The fried squash is then mixed with flour, baking powder, milk, sugar, eggs and salt. The dough is then fried until golden brown and served with a splash of legit caramel syrup. This snack has a taste that is a blend of savory and sweet flavors. No wonder pampoenkoekies are often served as a breakfast menu, snack or dessert.


The next South African street food that is no less delicious is koeksister. This koeksister is a snack that has a sweet taste and is a favorite of many people.

These koexisters have a slightly sticky texture because they are made by frying strips of braided dough in oil and then dipping them in cold sugar syrup. Typically, these snacks are sold on every major street in South Africa and major supermarkets. To make it more delicious, this dish is usually added with cinnamon or lemon juice before eating.


Similar to beef jerky, biltong is dried meat that has been seasoned. Generally biltong is made using beef. As an alternative, biltong can also be made using deer or camel meat.

In their country of origin, biltong is usually used as a complement to food such as salads, pizza toppings or sandwiches.

Tomato Bredie

It turns out that the culinary history of this one still has Malay elements, you know. Although the processing is quite time-consuming, tomato bredie is a typical South African culinary favored by tourists.

Tomato bredie is a stew of mutton and tomatoes with spices that really taste on the tongue. When ripe, tomato bredie has a thick texture. Perfectly paired with hot rice.


Even though it is entirely made of beef, it turns out that boerewors can also be mixed with lamb. Boerewors full of meat and spices. How to enjoy variegated boerewors.

After being grilled, some enjoy it whole with mayonnaise and ketchup like eating a steak. It's also added to sandwiches, pizza toppings, or hot dogs.


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