The following are typical Mexican foods that are world famous

Is typical Mexican food included in your travel itinerary to Mexico? Mexico is indeed one of the countries in South America that is quite interesting to visit. Not only does this country have natural beauty and unique culture, this country is also famous for having special foods whose deliciousness has become world famous. Mexican cuisine is quite unique because it is made with special spices and ingredients that are rarely found elsewhere. A variety of typical Mexican dishes are quite popular and much sought after by tourists, ranging from snacks to heavy meals. So, if you are interested in going on holiday there, here is a list of typical Mexican foods that are worth trying.

1. Burritos

Burritos are one of the typical Mexican foods that you must try when visiting. Burritos are actually a type of food that is similar to Turkish kebabs. What differentiates burritos from kebabs lies in their contents. Burritos are filled with meat and bean paste then rolled together with tortilla bread.

2. Tacos

The next typical Mexican food is Tacos. Tacos is a food consisting of a tortilla with meat filling, you can also choose the type of meat you like such as beef, pork, chicken with vegetable filling such as lettuce, tomatoes and then topped with cheese. To complement this food, you can choose between guacamole sauce or salsa sauce to add to the taste.

3. Fajitas

Fajita is a typical Mexican food. Fajita is a meat-based food, the way to prepare this meat is by grilling it on a hot frying pan. For those of you who want to enjoy this fajita, you can choose the type of meat you want, the type of meat usually used in this dish is beef, chicken, or you can also use seafood. There is no doubt about the deliciousness of this type of food, because fajita is a Mexican food that is famous worldwide.

4. Nachos

Actually, the processing method for nachos is very similar to tacos. The basic ingredient comes from corn chips. To complement eating these nachos, you can add cheese sauce. Nachos can also be created using ground beef as the basic ingredient with the addition of cheese sauce, pickles, jalapeno and sliced olives. This typical Mexican food is guaranteed to be healthy food that you can consume at any time.

5. Tamales

The next typical Mexican food is tamales. Tamales are a traditional culinary dish originating from Mexico. For those of you who visit this country, you must try this typical Mexican food. These tamales are basically made from corn flour. For the meat filling, you can choose between beef or pork, and add vegetables and cheese and then roll it up and click here.


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