Types of Employee Training

In total, there are 7 types of employee training available. Each of these types of employee training exists with different objects and forms. However, of course all have important uses in developing the strengths and capacities of employees. Check out the explanation for each type of employee training below crs quest!

1. Management Training

Management training is a series of training for employees to prepare them to hold managerial or executive positions. This training is made with the aim of preparing employees for additional, heavier responsibilities within the company/organization. This training program must be properly designed and taught by individuals who have experience so that the information and knowledge needed by employees can be accepted and applied in their daily life.

2. Sales Training

Employees, especially those in the sales and marketing industry, are generally required to attend sales training in order to sharpen their skills in selling and marketing the company's products and facilities. This training generally consists of an introduction to sales objects, product knowledge, and so on.

3. On-the-job training

When a new talent joins a company, they generally don't know the ins and outs of the company and their new job. Therefore, management must provide a series of onboarding training programs that can support them to learn what is expected of them and the job skills required for their new positions.

4. Mentoring Schemes

This mentoring scheme is often applied to novice staff or newly joined staff. This training scheme is when they are placed under a supervisor or manager who has experience so that they can directly learn the ins and outs of their work as initial experience in the company.

5. In-House Training

Most organizations conduct various levels of in-house training for their staff. One way is to co-opt a part of your organization with experience as a facilitator. Another option is to bring in external trainers to support teaching employees or managers specific skills or strengths.

One example of a class/training that meets these requirements is our LeaderSolve Solutions, where the curriculum and materials are prepared and taught by expert practitioners who have experience in their fields. So, they don't just teach theory, but also tips & tricks that are applicable in everyday life.

6. Personal Study

Apart from being with a teacher, dedicated employees can also set aside their time to train themselves on a particular topic or skill. There are many class options available online for you, like our LeaderSolve Solutions.

7. Blended Training

This type of training combines classroom and online learning, so that the employees involved in the training can optimize the training options according to their convenience.


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