Super cool unique places to eat in Jakarta

Visiting and eating at unique places to eat in Jakarta will indeed give you a special sensation. Places to eat like this are not only suitable as a place to hang out, but also as a place to gather and take selfies. The food and drink offerings are very appetizing. Anything? let's take a wiredcoffeechicago

House of Hobbit Grill & Bar

For those of you who like the film Lord of the Rings, surely you know what a hobbit is, and a Hobbit house. In Jakarta, there is a restaurant that uses a Hobbit house theme called House of Hobbit Grill & Bar. This restaurant itself serves a variety of dishes with Chinese and western flavors, the names given to various culinary delights are quite unique. The main menu of this place is Smug's Lair Pizza, there is also The Lord of Pork Ribs, and Elf Hair Carbonara. This restaurant is located in Ruko the Metro, Block 6 unit km Jl. Mandara Permai VII, Kapuk Indah Beach, Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

Bong Kopitown Jakarta

What does it feel like to eat in prison, some people definitely don't want to feel that sensation. So what if the prison in question is the name of a restaurant. Bong Kopitown Jakarta is the name of the restaurant, here you can taste typical Indonesian and Chinese breeds, the mainstay menus at this place are Chicken Nasi Lemak, Ubud Crispy Duck, etc. The restaurant located on Jl. Boulevard Raya Ruko block PD 1, no 5-6 Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta does have a decoration similar to a prison, such as a dining room, partitions from bars, etc.

Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge

Want to enjoy a variety of culinary delights in the middle of nature and unique views, just come to Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge, which is located on Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 10-11 Jakarta. This restaurant is deliberately built on a small river, complete with a variety of unique rocks, accompanied by beautiful natural scenery, to create an atmosphere like Jimbaran Bali. The food served in this place is traditional Indonesian food.

Hello Kitty Café

As the name Hello Kitty Café means, this restaurant is named after a cute cat character named Hello Kitty. The nuance created for this café is always closely related to that character, starting from the wall decorations, dining tables, various cutlery, to the decoration of the food served. Located at Ruko Crown Golf no 30, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pejaringan, North Jakarta, this is indeed an instagramable place to eat. You can invite friends or children to eat at the restaurant.

Grandma Jingkrak

The slogan “Eat well, have a full stomach, go home with memories” is not just an ordinary slogan. This restaurant, which also has a unique name, does offer the sensation of eating in an unusual place. How is it not unique, this restaurant combines traditional Javanese design and a quite eccentric playing field. Here you will see lots of colorful balloons over the pool, statues, kites, etc. Various culinary delights served at this place are typical of the archipelago, such as grandong chicken, grilled rice, upset duck, etc. Interested in visiting the Mbah Jingkrak restaurant, just come to Jl. Central Setiabudi no 11, Setiabudi, Jakarta.


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