5 Most Luxurious Restaurants in the World You Must Try

What is your purpose in coming to a restaurant? Surely to fill the stomach right? Now, the function of a restaurant is no longer the same as the old restaurant where people just come, sit, eat, then leave. In this world there are 5 restaurants that no one can enter. Why? Because these 5 restaurants are the most luxurious restaurants in the world. Curious? Here's the full explanation.

1. Maison Pic, Valence

If you want to learn more about fashion, come to Paris. When you are hungry and want to try eating at a fancy restaurant, come to the city of Valence. Still in the same country, namely France, you can find a restaurant that belongs to one of the world's most luxurious restaurants called Maison Pic.

Reporting from sydney of settle Maison Pic is a legendary luxury restaurant in Valence. Headed by chef named Anne Sophie Pic, Maison Pic restaurant has been rewarded with 3 Michelin stars. Where in the Michelin rating, 3 stars is a sign that the restaurant has very good food and it is a must to visit. Maison Pic is famous for its classic, appetizing menu.

2. Hotel De Ville Crissier, Switzerland

After Maison Pic in Valence, Paris, let's move on to Switzerland, where one of the world's most luxurious restaurants is located. Both won 3 Michelin stars, this is the most luxurious hotel in Switzerland named Hotel De Ville Crissier. For more than 40 years, this restaurant has been acclaimed by many for its delicious food.

Run by husband and wife Benoit and Brigitte Violier, there is a signature dish or favorite food menu for every guest who comes. The menu is Scarlet tomatoes, pureed, consomme seeds mixed with Imperial Ossetra Caviar, and roast beef with pepper, cristallines de charlotte and salad leaves. If you are interested in the menu, you only need to spend 318 USD, then you can enjoy it.

3. Masa, New York

Located in the heart of New York, namely the Time Warner Center, there is a very luxurious Japanese restaurant called Masa. Directly managed by a chef from Tochigi, Japan named Masa Takayama, Masa Restaurant has become a favorite restaurant for people who intend to find a romantic place to eat.

Speaking of ratings, of course Masa restaurant gets a high rating for the delicious food. Evidenced by the 3 Michelin stars obtained by this luxury restaurant. Due to the large number of people who want to taste dishes from Koku Masa Takayama, to be able to eat there, you have to reserve a place in advance. The price range for food in Masa is estimated at 450 USD. That still doesn't include taxes.

4. Aragawa, Tokyo

Talking about Japanese food is less complete if we don't directly taste it in the country of origin. If in New York there is a Masa restaurant, then Tokyo is also not to be outdone. In that city there is a fancy restaurant called Aragawa. According to Forbes, this restaurant has been known as one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world since 2006.

According to the news, this restaurant only provides 22 seats for visitors. The limited number of seats illustrates how exclusive people can enjoy the food menu at Aragawa. What food is served there? Aragawa is very well known as the best Kobe restaurant in the world. This restaurant only uses selected beef for dishes. It costs around 341 USD for one person to taste Aragawa's Kobe beef.

5. Alain Ducasse, Dorchester

Located in Dorchester, London, Alain Ducasse Restaurant serves a menu of delicious food that can make you addicted. The food concept at Alain Ducasse is the brainchild of head chef Jocelyn Herland. Jocelyn Herland features a restaurant with an elegant French style.

The food menu served by Alain Ducasse includes 7 seasonal dishes such as crayfish, halibut, Irish sea urchin and sautéed baby octopus. Do you guys know how much food costs at Alain Ducasse? The price is around 289 USD. Prices never lie, so you don't need to doubt what the food tastes like.


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